For the uninitiated, this is mainly a blog for independently published video games without major publishing support (Indie Games).


2012’s "Skullgirls", developed by by Lab Zero Games (formerly known as Reverge Labs) was a fantastic, fresh fighting game with a late 1940’s vibe and amazing production values (each character boasting over 1,400 different frames of animation). After some internal conflicts, the PC release is set for late August 2013, with the addition of new characters. Anyone with a PC and a passing interest in fighting games would find it in their best benefit to support this title. The title is available for purchase over Steam, using the link above and is already out for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network users.

 Maldita Castilla, produced by Locomalito is a two-dimensional tribute to games like “Ghosts n’ Goblins”, Shinobi, and "Rygar" that manages to surpass it’s source material. This PC exclusive has a stylistic filter, giving the vibe that you’re watching the game through an old CRT monitor in an 80’s arcade, with the difficulty and tight controls to match. The game boasts numerous endings based on performance  colorful environments and enemies and a fitting soundtrack. The game is free to download from the creator’s website or the title above.

Developed by Maurice Guegan and Saso Smolej at, “Not Tetris" is a self-claimed sequel to Alexey Pajtinov’s "Tetris" with physics engine. The game is lovingly crafted, with numerous options for sound and presentation (including the original Tetris theme) and multiplayer. The game is free to download from their website or the title above.